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Managing domains is a tricky business that requires a detailed knowledge of the inner workings of the world-wide-web and address mapping technologies. It needs seasoned professionals.

Domain Management

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  NB. Please do not include http://, www. or similar prefixes.

Domain Management, sometimes called Domain Hosting, involves the setting and maintaining of the DNS entries that the world-wide-web uses to indicate where traffic for that domain should be directed.

The world-wide-web is run on a "gentlemen's agreement" basis and relies on everyone managing the DNS mapping system correctly - however human error can creep in from time to time and DNS entries can become overwritten by others. In this instance it is important that a professional organisation, such as RapidHost is managing your DNS data so that it can quickly establish and rectify the problem. The alternative is your website or internet service being "invisible" for an extended period of time.

Note - DNS management services are only available as an add-on service included with other RapidHost internet services.

Rapid Domain Management at £25/year for .com domains and £20/two years for domains

For this fee RapidHost provides...

  • Registering initial owner information with Domain Registries, such as Nominet
  • Setting up and maintaining DNS records
  • A web-based control panel application that lets you administer domain records (MX record, A record, C record, etc.), as well as control the IP addresses of mail servers or other related internet services
  • The ability to change owner details on request
  • Automated reminders of renewal dates
  • Full telephone or web-based support/advice on domain issues

Our service fully complies with Nominet's Good Practice Terms for Domain Registration.

Fees for other domain management services include:

  •,, - £20/two years
  • .net, .org - £25/year
  •, - £32.50/year for 1-10 years
  • .tv - £32.50/year
  • All other domain types - please contact us for details
  • DNS hosting of domains not registered by Rapidhost - £25/year
  • Transfer-in of .com, .eu and .org domains - £25
  • Transfer-out of domains - £30

If the service you are looking for isn't listed here, just give us a call to discuss.

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