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RapidHost Email Services

Email hosting from just £10/month

We provide a range of email related services suitable for organisations of all sizes, from hosting individual email domains to providing you with an e-mail only service that allows up to 100 Mailboxes per Domain

Email Services

Rapid Email Hosting at just £10 per month
per domain (up to 100 mailboxes)

If you are seeking an email only service we can provide you with mail facilities from our own email servers. This includes POP, Web Mail, and full administrative control of each domain. POP Email Accounts are hosted on our mail servers on a per domain basis.


  • Up to 100 mailboxes per domain POP3 and IMAP access from email clients such as Microsoft Outlook
  • An authenticated outbound SMTP service
  • A sophisticated webmail interface that allows the user to setup spam rules, see spam messages, control anti-virus filtering, administer email addresses including 'out-of-office’ responders as well as read/send email.
  • Blackberry support
  • Automatic email backup with archive retrieval (backups are kept for 30 days)
  • (optional) Anti-spam filtering using a blend of leading anti-spam tools for just £10/mth/domain extra, featuring:
    • 97% accuracy on average
    • Low false positives rate
    • 20+ technologies: SpamAssassin, Bayesian, RBL, URIBL/SURBL...
    • AutoUpdates
    • Multiple spam management scenarios
    • Manual, semi-automatic, user-driven processing
    • Multiple spam actions: reject, delete, quarantine, tag, sort