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Useful information on using the World Wide Web for business

If you have any comments, reaction or contributions to the articles below, please feel free to contact us with your views.


Interesting Articles - The Web

Here are a collection of interesting articles related to using the world wide web within your business. If you have any comments or reaction to these articles, please feel free to contact us with your views.

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back to topChecking web page and HTML email compatibility the easy way

Before going live with your new web site or sending out an HTML email (an e-newsletter for example) it is a good idea to check them for compatibility with the various browsers or email clients that your users could be using. 

The last thing you want is your nicely formatted website or email displaying horribly when the user tries to read it. 

An easy way to do the compatibility checking is to use an internet service such as Litmus. It's free for simple testing and for full testing is only $24 for a 'day pass' or $49 for a month.

Details about Litmus are available on this page.